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Note: The Index has been refreshed in June 2006, and is on display at La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain. Previously it has been displayed at the ZKM, Karlsruhe. See also the Issue Ticker movie clip.

The Web Issue Index of Civil Society is part of a suite of political instruments for the Web, developed by Richard Rogers and govcom.org, and supported by Infodrome. The instruments are written up in Richard Rogers, Information Politics on the Web, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2004. The old Europe index has been made for the ZKM exhibition, "Making Things Public: Atmospheres of Democracy," 18 March - 3 November 2005.

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All enquires should be directed to Richard Rogers, rogers {at} govcom.org.

A meaning of 'factoid' is a 'brief, somewhat interesting fact' (American Heritage, 4th). By Infoid is meant a brief, serious and somewhat interesting piece of information.

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The Web Issue Index of Civil Society may be likened to a consumer price index. A consumer price index watches price fluctuations in a stable set of goods for indications of inflation. The Web Issue Index watches the campaigning behaviour of stable sets of non-governmental organisations for indications of attention to social issues.

There is one source basket and it is comprised of those organisations that participated in the European Social Forum, Paris, France, November 2003. "Old Europe," a remark made by the U.S. Secretary of Defense in reference to those countries that did not cooperate with U.S. military policy in Iraq, also may be thought of as a collection of issues. The Old Europe Web Issue Index of Civil Society is such a collection.

The Web Issue Index ticker has three layers. Each layer wades deeper into the civil society issues, provided by the actor set. The top layer consists of the most significant issues according to the actor set, the middle layer the actors' most significant sub-issues per issue, and the bottom layer the actors' most significant URL per sub-issue. Significance for the issues and sub-issues is measured by frequency of mentionings in the actors' issue lists. For the bottom layer, the URLs, significance is measured by frequency of mentions and linking to the URL by the actors. These methodological guidelines are followed in a manual, editorial process.

A ticker design has been chosen because it is a real-time information delivery system. The data refresh rate, however, depends on the NGOs' campaigning behaviour - how often they change their campaigns and their lists of issues.

Our research into civil society campaigning behaviour indicates that the issues are relatively stable, but the sub-issues and accompanying URLs change, to a significant degree, only monthly. Special attention is also paid to pre-summit periods, where new issues are generated most frequently.

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The Web Issue Index of Civil Society has been designed by Marieke van Dijk and Auke Touwslager and programmed by Karel Brascamp, Luke Pendrell and Martin Aberdeen. The old Europe data are by Zachary Devereaux and Astrid Mager. We wish to thank ZKM, Center for Arts and Media, Karlruhe and Infodrome, the Dutch governmental Information Society initiative, for their generous support.

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Actor list

The old Europe basket of actors, aggregated in the 'old europe' tab and sub-divided by language in the other tabs, is comprised of those organizations that attended the European Social Forum, Paris, November 2003.

European Social Forum

Act Up, Paris     Link
Action Consommation     Link
Aide et action     Link
Alternatives     Link
Amnesty International     Link
Ananda Marga     Link
Anti-Nazi League     Link
Architecture & Developpement     Link
Association "Droit à l'Energie"     Link
Association France Palestine Solidarité     Link
ATTAC     Link
ATTAC Suisse     Link
Brecht Forum     Link
Bretton Woods Project     Link
CADAC - Coordination des Associations pour le Droit à l'avortement et la contraception     Link
CADTM - Comité pour l'annulation de la dette du tiers monde     Link
C.E.M.E.A.     Link
Centre for the Study of Global Governance, LSE     Link
CEO - Corporate Europe Observatory     Link
Cenî - Kurdisches Frauenbüro für Frieden     Link
entre de recherche pour le développement     Link
CETIM - Centre Europe. Tiers Monde     Link
CFIE - Le Centre Français d'Information sur les Entreprises     Link
Christian Socialist Movement     Link
Civil Society Contact Group - Act4europe campaign     Link
CLCV - l’association de défense des consommateurs     Link
Climate Action Network Europe     Link
Collectif Bellaciao     Link
Collectif de l’éthique sur l’étiquette     Link
Collectif Dionysien pour le FSE     Link
Communist Youth Union     Link
Convoi syndical pour la Tchétchénie     Link
Coordination gegen BAYER-Gefahren     Link
CSDPTT - Coopération Solidarité Développement aux PTT     Link
Democracy International     Link
Dette & Dollar     Link
ENCOD     Link
Espaces Marx     Link
European Young Socialists     Link
Fédération Artisans du monde Collectif - De l’éthique sur l'étiquette     Link
Femmes Prévoyantes Socialistes     Link
FIAN International     Link
Fondation Copernic     Link
Foundation Near East     Link
Friends of the Earth     Link
FYEG - Federation of Young European Greens     Link
GEN - Europe Global Ecovillage Network of Europe     Link
Giovani Comuniste e Comunisti     Link
Globalise Resistance - Ireland     Link
Globalisering underifrån     Link
Greenpeace International     Link
Heidrun Sedlacik - PDS alfa     Link
Immigration Développement Démocratie     Link
Inf' OGM     Link
Info Birmanie     Link
Ingenieurs sans Frontieres-Cameroun     Link
International Council for Adult Education / Gender and Education Office     Link
Internationale de l'Education     Link
International Socialist Organization     Link
International Socialist Resistance     Link
Internationaler Versöhnungsbund     Link
IPAM     Link
ISM - Independent Student Media Project     Link
JungdemokratInnen - Junge Linke     Link
La Riposte     Link
Les Mondes Solidaires     Link
Le Comité Catholique contre la Faim et pour le Développement - CCFD     Link
Movement of the Imagination     Link
League for the Fifth International     Link
Les Amis du Monde Diplomatique     Link
Les Sciences Potiches se Rebellent     Link
Ligue des droits de l'Homme     Link
Lila Cedius     Link
London Socialist Historians Group     Link
Manchester Stop the War     Link
Mast Action UK (MAUK)     Link
MÈdecins du Monde     Link
Mouvement International pour une Ecologie Libidinale (M.I.E.L.)     Link
Movement of the Imagination     Link
MRAP - Mouvement contre le Racisme et pour l'Amitié entre les Peuples     Link
M.R.A.X. Mouvement contre le racisme, l'antisÈmitisme et la xÈnophobie     Link
Network Institute for Global Democratization     Link
No Sweat     Link
Oxfam-Solidarité     Link
Palestine Solidarity Campaign     Link
PlaNet Finance     Link
Plate-forme Dette et Développement     Link
Post-development Network     Link
Public Citizen     Link
Pulsart     Link
Qnews - The Muslim Magazine     Link
Reality of Aid     Link
RITIMO     Link
Secours Islamique     Link
Social Rights Bulgaria Foundation     Link
Solidarité Sida     Link
Sozialökologische Wirtschaftsforschung München     Link
Tax justice network     Link
Témoignage Chrétien     Link
Terre des Hommes     Link
Tobin Tax Network     Link
War on Want     Link
WIDE - European NGO Network     Link
Zebrock     Link